When you are having IELTS speaking exam, you do not only answer “yes” or “no” without elaboration. You keep this in mind – always add more examples and information! The below shows how to give examples in different questions!


Such as

Q : Do you like listening to music?

A : Yes, I do. I like pop music, such as Korean pop and Cantonese pop.



Q: Do you like playing sports?

A: Yes, I do. I like to outdoor sports very much, like football and cycling.


For example

Q: Why is travelling experience important to young people?

A: It is because travelling allows them to go to foreign country and get a taste of different cultures, for example, there are different table manners and communication method.


‘Like’ and ‘such as’ can be used to answer questions that are related to yourself or something close to your daily life, while ‘for example’ is used more formally. Remember to maintain good command in using different words!


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