Academic writing is very much different from sending messages or drafting an email. It demands coherence in language and content. So do you think you know the right formula for academic writing? If you are not very sure, why don’t we check out the 3 fundamental ideas in writing it?


Write as impersonal as possible

(X) I want to share the importance of receiving university education.

(O) This essay will analyze the importance of tertiary education.


Increase the formality

(X) use of emotive words : scary  / happy

(X) use of vague words  : good  / thing

(X) use of contraction : can’t  / didn’t


Clear stance / structure

(O) From concise to precise : This essay will examine the relationship between parents and their children and how it is affecting the future of children from three different perspectives.

(O) Clear stance : To conclude, the limit of retirement age should be changed due to longer life expectancy.


Don’t miss out on these three ideas when writing the essay! After you pick up the skills, you will find academic writing is just a piece of cake!


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