Wall Street English (WSE) Business English course offers a comprehensive course for business professionals, aiming to improve their Business English level and develop a wide range of soft skills required in the workplace.


The Business English course is comprised of 5 modules. Students can choose a single module to a combinations of multiple modules according to their learning needs.



Course Content

Module 1

Essential Business Vocabulary & Grammar

  • We will teach business vocabulary, grammar and workplace slang. You will learn to communicate more effectively and professionally to impress your colleagues, work partners and customers.
Module 2

Effective Business Writing Skills

  • We will equip students with business correspondence skills to tackle 14 common business writing tasks to help you build a solid foundation for written communication in the workplace.
Module 3

Modern Business Speaking Skills 

  • We will explore 8 common business occasions and develop your confidence and oral skills to conduct effective and enjoyable conversation.
Module 4

Business Presentation & Public Speaking

  • We will empower you with 9 key business presentation and public speaking skills which will help you design and deliver professional presentations. 
Module 5

Managerial Skills –
Communicate & Lead

  • We will dive into 4 key managerial topics and help you develop a better understanding of up-to-date concepts and models that are essential in managerial roles today.


Contact hours: 90 hours (45 sessions x 2 hours per session)


1. Immediate applicable:

All the topics cover workplace English commonly found in business settings, including essential business grammar & vocabulary, business correspondences, verbal communication, presentation and public speaking skills. All taught skills are immediately applicable to the job.


2. Up-to-date curriculum:

Up-to-date workplace news and multi-multimedia, such as Ted Talks are integrated into the curriculum in order to keep your fingers on the pulse of the latest trends. Students can improve their English skills while developing their cultural awareness at the same time.



3. Mutual evaluation:

Both teachers and students give evaluations on the students’ progress and performance. Mutual evaluations help teachers to adjust their teaching, and thus help student learn more effectively.


4. Dynamic materials:

Textbook Market Leader is chosen to be the core class materials. 21-month MyEnglishLab online exercise, with automatic correction system, will be provided to support student’s learning.



Tim Lai – Business English and Contents Development Manager

“English has always been one of the most invaluable skills to have in order to communicate with people around the world. Having this key helps us open doors to a wide range of opportunities, whether it be for business, education, or leisure. We understand that communicating professionally also means being able to adapt to formal and informal situations that we are presented with every day.
In my 14 years of experience working with a wide array of business professionals at Wall Street English, I’ve collected some of the most important feedback from our students. This experience has provided me with the tools to help our Business English team develop this brand new Business English course, in which students will be able to take their general English communication skills to a professional level.”


Jenna Dunn – Business English Course Collaborator

“Business English skills are essential for getting ahead at work. With more than 10 years of teaching experience, it has been a challenging yet rewarding experience collaborating on the designing of this course. With the goal of the student in mind, improving your business English vocabulary and knowledge will help you work more effectively and open up new career opportunities. The goal of this course, as an innovative program, benefits students in addressing the challenges of communicating professionally in the workplace. I’ve spent time gathering crucial feedback from corporate students, namely Bank of China, China Telecom and The Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants and business students in our centers, to keep a finger on the pulse of what is needed in Hong Kong right now for business professionals to succeed in the workplace especially within an English context.”

certificate_wall street english_Business English Course

Student can get a certification of completion after study

*Terms & Conditions: For Business English Course, a minimum of 5 modules and at least 80% attendance is required.

Business English Course Fee

  • Fee:HK$346/hour
  • Payment method:Monthly payment.
  • Course duration: duration may vary depending on student’s English level and needs.

* Early Bird Discounts: Register^ before 31 Jan 2021 will enjoy 20% off!
^Only applicable to designated course.



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