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9 10, 2019

Teacher’s Tips : Phrasal Verbs – to use or not to use?

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In English, many people like to use phrasal verbs when talking and writing.  For many, it is simply easier and more natural to utilize these words.  Some examples might be to look up, ask for, or put off.  Once again, it’s very normal for people to use these phrasal verbs.  However, in a formal setting like an email or a meeting with superiors, it may be better to use formal language.  This sets the tone and makes you seem more professional even though the meaning of the words are exactly the same.

26 2, 2018

Keep up 嘅 10 種多變用法

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估唔到簡單一句 "keep up" 都咁好使好用! 冇錯,keep up 其實有多達 10 種唔同意思-只要配合唔同上下文(context),就表達到截然不同嘅含義! 睇睇以下 10 個 "keep up" 嘅例句啦!

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