When you are watching movies or episodes, you may focus on different related terms and fun facts. What do Easter eggs mean? How to talk about the scenes that were cut away before releasing? No matter you are the fans of Marvel or Crash Landing on You, check out the words below, so that you can fully enjoy the movies or episodes!


Easter eggs

an intentional inside joke, hidden message or image, or secret feature of movies /episodes

Some people do have craze in hunting for Easter eggs in films.



Movie / play that continues the former one

I am watching the sequel of The Avengers.



brief summary of the content of the movies / episodes

I usually take a look at the synopsis of the movie before watching it to get a clear concept of the plot.



Some records that did not include in /removed from the movie/episodes

The outtakes of the movie series have released on that channel recently.



the part that goes back to the event in the past

The story began with a flashback to the peaceful life of the citizens before the other countries conquered the land.


Learn the words above, and then you can enjoy the films while sharing it with your friends too!


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