In the former passage, it was about question types on tone and referencing. Have you prepared well for that? This time, let’s take a look at the questions about True/False/Not Given and Summary Cloze. These two types are both tricky for candidates to answer! So, how should you avoid these traps!?


True / False / Not Given

Sample Question:
Statement:  3rd Line Butterfly is a K-pop group.

Reading Passage: Some people think all Korean music is K-pop, but there’s really good music in Korea that’s not superficial or played on the radio or on TV and doesn’t go outside of Korea. One of my favorite bands is 3rd Line Butterfly: these guys are not rich and famous, …

A: F

Answering skills:

  1. Remember if the statement is in contradiction with the content of the reading passage, the answer would be False, as shown in the sample question.
  2. If the reading passage and the statement are not contradictory, and the passage is not echoing with the statement, the answer should be Not Given in this case. For instance, in one of the past papers, the statement was ‘Daniel is friend of Psy’ and in the passage, it was namely an interview between them. So, this is not echoing and with no contradiction, making the answer Not Given.


Summary Cloze

Sample Question:
Q: The stories are often the same, with a rich man meeting a                      lady …
Reading passage: They’re trying to play with your emotions with Cinderella stories: beautiful girl from poor family marries rich guy.

A: beautiful / young

Answering skills:

  1. Pay attention to the appropriacy of the part of speech. For instance, in the sample question, the blank should be filled with adjective, using as modifier for the word ‘lady’.
  2. Be careful of the synonyms between the reading passage and the question. This helps to spot the location of the answer. For instance, the word “lady in the reading passage is the synonym of “girl” in the question.


If you wish to learn more about the question types and answering skills, remember to read the upcoming related articles to prepare yourself for the examination!


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