There are a lot of clothing patterns, but do you know how to describe them? The following can help you to tell the salesperson about what type of clothes you want. Let’s check out the fabulous patterns together!



Do you prefer a black and white checked shirt or a red and black checked shirt?


Leopard print

I find leopard print very sexy and wild, which is very suitable for you.



I wear a one-piece dress with vertical stripes, while she is wearing a skirt with horizontal stripes. What a coincidence!

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Zebra print

I like zebra print for its irregular stripes. It is so lively and delightful.


Polka dot pattern

The kid likes this blue polka-dotted shirt a lot. Maybe we should buy one for him.


So, what kind of pattern is your top pick? If you want to know more about clothing-related vocabulary, remember to click on to other passages!