11 6, 2020

Common cutting of garments you should know!

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There are different types of dressing styles, for example, athleisure is one of the major trends recently. When you want to dress up, you may need to be aware of the cutting of those clothes! Do you know what is the name for various kind of collar, sleeve and pocket designs? Check them out in the following passage!

10 6, 2020

The fabulous patterns of clothes you should know!

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There are a lot of clothing patterns, but do you know how to describe them? The following can help you to tell the salesperson about what type of clothes you want. Let’s check out the fabulous patterns together!

6 6, 2020

Common types of clothing materials (2)

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There are different kinds of clothing materials, it is better if you understand the composition of clothes by reading the label. It allows you to know what kind of clothing materials you like and the way to do laundry. Let’s learn more vocabulary for clothing materials together!

4 6, 2020

Common types of clothing materials (1)

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When you go shopping or talk about clothing with your friends, you may want to mention the clothing materials. Do you know the common types of clothing materials? You can check it out now from the passage below!

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