Previously we went through a list of useful verbs for describing trends of diagrams. In this section, we are moving on to a selection of common adjectives used for trend language.



Major change


  • Spectacular
  • Dramatic
  • Substantial
  • Significant
  • Sudden
  • Sharp


e.g. There was a substantial increase in the value of stocks on March 13th.


*“sudden “and” sharp” can be used for relatively minor changes that happen quickly.

“spectacular” and “dramatic” are very strong words only suitable for huge changes.


Steady change


  • Steady
  • Consistent
  • Gradual


e.g. House prices witnessed a steady climb in the last decade.


Minor change


  • Modest
  • Slight
  • Marginal


e.g. Interest in environmental issues experienced a slight change over last year.