It is said that IELTS writing expects candidates to restate the question in the opening paragraph. However, some people find it difficult to paraphrase the sentence. Here are some tips for paraphrasing.



Noun phrases


  • Graph = chart/diagram/figure/table/pie chart/line graph
  • Data = information/statistics
  • Trends = changes/differences
  • Shows = illustrates/compares/forecasts/presents/provides
  • The total number = the overall amount
  • Features = functions/characteristic
  • The process of paper recycling = how paper is recycled
  • Exponential growth = grew exponentially


Vary noun phrases:

e.g. sales of different cars.

  1. purchases of private vehicles
  2. the number of various types of cars sold
  3. car sales/purchases


Common sentence structures


The graph illustrates the trends in ____between_____and_____.

= The figure presents the information about the changes in__________.


The diagram reveals that there are several differences between_______.

= The line chart shows how the _____ have differed_________________.