IELTS writing only has one hour, which suggests that candidates are expected to use at least 40 minutes for task 2. You don’t have much time to spend on brainstorming the points for your argument.

This article is for students who want to go into the writing exam feeling confident that they have excellent ideas, opinions and vocabulary for as many topics as possible.



Animal rights


  • Animal Testing


– It is necessary to do medical tests on new drugs.

– Animal testing helps to advance medical and scientific knowledge.



– Humans have no moral right to do experiments on animals.

– The benefits of research using animals do not justify the suffering caused.


  • Zoos


– Zoos play an important role in wildlife conservation.

– Zoos are educational, interesting and fun.



– Some people believe that zoos are unethical.

– The best way to save endangered species is by protecting natural habitats.


Environmental issue


  • Nuclear power


– Rising temperatures will cause melting of the polar ice caps.

– Flooding and droughts may become more common.



– Nuclear waste disposal is a significant problem.

– There is currently no way to decontaminate radioactive material.


  • Waste disposal


– Most foods are sold in non-biodegradable plastic packaging.

– People often ignore the consequences of dropping rubbish.



– Consumers should avoid buying over-packaged products.

– People can support businesses and manufacturers who recycle and reuse useful materials.