We always use ‘I think…’ when we want to express our opinion, but if we repeat ‘I think…’ many times in a passage, others may think our English level is too basic and we can sound boring too. Besides, ‘I think…’ sometimes cannot deliver our thoughts accurately.


Let’s learn 8 new sentences to replace ‘I think…’ so you can have more variation when expressing yourself in English!



1. From my point of view/ perspective


eg. From my point of view, making the bed in the morning is a waste of time.



2. As far as I’m concerned


eg. As far as I’m concerned, owning a dog is much better than owning a cat.



3. I am of the opinion that


eg. I am of the opinion that staying home is much more fun that going to the nightclub.



4. I would say


eg. A lot of people love Andy Lau, but I would say he is not that charming to me.



5. I suppose


eg. I suppose you have subscribed my channel, but I am not that sure.



6. It seems to me that


eg. It seems to me that having buffet is a torture because I would want to vomit afterwards.



7. My impression is that


eg. A lot of Hong Kong people want to learn how to tune their accent, but my impression is that it doesn’t sound that bad!



8. The way I see it


eg. The way I see it, forcing kids to develop an interest is a waste of time.



With these useful phrases, we hope you won’t need to use ‘I think…’ too often in the future!