Eggs are full of nutrition. Many people would like to have eggs all the time for breakfast, lunch or dinner. With many ways to cook them, eating an egg benedict, fried or boiled eggs at a café has become very famous and trendy nowadays.


Therefore, let’s learn different vocabularies about the cooking method of eggs, so you can order your desired eggs in foreign countries too.


1. Hard-boiled egg

Hard-boiled eggs are served with a solid egg yolk.


2. Sunny-side up

The egg yolk of sunny-side up is facing upward. Only one side of the egg is frying on the pan.


3. Over egg

Over egg is the well-done version of sunny-side up.


4. Scrambled eggs

A mix of the egg white with the egg yolk is then fried to make scrambled eggs.


5. Poached egg

Egg benedict is a kind of poached egg. It can be ordered in many foreign restaurants.


6. Soft-boiled egg

Egg on the ramen is usually a soft-boiled egg. The egg yolk should not become solid.


7. Onsen Tamago

Onsen Tamago is even softer than soft-boiled eggs. You can cook it in a very short time!


8. Century egg

Century egg is a unique Chinese style that many foreigners hate due to its smell.


Which egg style do you prefer? Which one would you like to order next time?