This time we are going to continue introducing the synonyms of adjectives which can boost up your test score.


1. Big

Enormous: He earns an enormous salary.

Immense: They spent an immense amount of time getting the engine into perfect condition.

Gigantic: The cost has been gigantic.

Colossal: They were asking a colossal amount of money for the house.

Sizable: He already has a sizable amount of money saved up for college.

Vast: A vast audience watched the broadcast.


2. Important

Significant: Marriage is a significant commitment.

Remarkable: The 20th century was remarkable for its inventions.

Critical: The report is highly critical of safety standards at the factory.

Vital: It’s absolutely vital that you do exactly as I say.

Essential: Water is essential for living things.


3. Different

Contrasting: The data show not only contrasting wealth but also the distribution of private schools.

Distinct: The results of the survey fell into two distinct groups.

Diverse: My interests are very diverse.

Varied: He led a full and varied life.


4. Powerful

Influential: She is one of the most influential figures in local politics.

Persuasive: What do you think were some of the more persuasive arguments on the other side?

Effective: It has been demonstrated that this drug is effective.

Forceful: You may need to be armed with some forceful arguments to persuade others.