I believe you must have eaten some ‘not delicious’ food. However, do you know how to describe it? Actually, there are many ways of saying ‘not yummy’, it could just be “tasteless” or “overcooked.”


Let’s learn about the following 8 words to describe food!


1. Gross

Extremely unpleasant


Oh, gross! The flies are buzzing above the piles of dirty plates.


2. Bland

Not having much taste


I find the chicken a little bland.


3. Overcooked

Food that has nee cooked for too long


Be careful not to overcook the pasta.


4. Nasty

Bad or very unpleasant


The salad is really too nasty. Those vegetables are not fresh anymore.


5. Moldy

Food covered with a soft green or grey layer


The bread becomes moldy after putting here for few days.


6. Tough

Food that is difficult to cut or eat


The steak is too tough to cut it.


7. Inedible

Not suitable as food


The meat was inedible. It becomes smelly.


8. Rancid

Tasting or smelling unpleasant because of not being fresh (oil or butter related)


The grocer took back the rancid butter.