Bread is one of the major sources of carbohydrates in many European countries and it is often the main part of the meal. Bagels have been becoming more popular and this has helped to popularize bread. Other than the well known croissants, bagels and donuts, there are actually many more different types of bread.


Let’s learn the following bread type today!


1. Danish bread

Danish bread is different from the bread we all know because the white toast is wrapped with meringue. Sometimes, it is made with different jam as well as Danish pastry.


2. Sourdough

Sourdough is fermented naturally, so it contains less addictives than normal bread.


3. Bun

A Bun is smaller than bread and it is circular, like the pineapple buns in Hong Kong.


4. Baguette

The baguette comes from France. In French, baguette means stick.


5. Chocolate cornet

This is like a cornet filled with chocolate sauce.


6. Swiss roll

Swiss roll is a kind of cake with cream inside. It is moist and creamy.


7. Pretzel

Pretzel is a snack in Europe. It tastes salty and the texture is hard. Pretzels are popular around the world and they have been transformed to different versions too.


8. Brioche

Brioche is a French dessert. It is made from cream, egg and milk.


Which bread do you like most?