We have learnt see, watch and look since we are small. They all verbs that we use to describe how we are using our eyes. Of course, there are actually differences when it comes to usage.


Let’s learn the differences between the 3 of them!


1. See

‘See’ is the most general word. Its basic meaning is that we notice something or someone, for example:


I can’t see anything!

Did you see the full moon last night?


2. Watch

‘Watch’ means to look at something or someone for a period of time, for example:


You have watched this movie for 3 times already.

I have been watching my children play for hours.


3. Look

‘Look’ means to turn your eyes towards something so you can see it, for example:


My teacher asked me to look at the pictures in the book before I read it.



Therefore, don’t mix them up anymore!