Do you know that “because” is one of the most commonly used words in the IELTS test? No matter in writing or speaking tests, many candidates use “because⋯so⋯” in their answers repeatedly. Some may use synonyms like since, as, due to, etc. Actually, “reason and result” clauses are very useful for replacing those conjunctions. Here is a list of those clauses we summarized for you!


1. With⋯, ⋯⋯

“With” refers to relating to or in the case of a person or thing. It also has the meaning of because of or being caused by someone or something.


I couldn’t sleep with the noise of the traffic.


2. That is why⋯⋯


That is why we reject the idea of cutting spending now.


3. ⋯, which leads to⋯⋯


The preferred sleep cycle is delayed in adolescents, which leads to many students not feeling sleepy until much later in the evenings.


4. ⋯, lead to⋯⋯


Fixing those problems leads to even more problems.


5. ⋯⋯, thereby doing⋯⋯


Our bodies can sweat, thereby losing heat by evaporation.


6. So⋯that⋯


So scarce is the food that many people suffer from starvation.