Last time, we taught about useful phrases related to ‘work’. And today let us introduce hobbies-related words! When the examiner asks you about your hobbies, or what you usually do in your leisure time, but you can only answer ‘I like/ I enjoy…’? Today, we are going to tell you 6 words to enrich your vocabulary related to ‘hobbies’, which helps you elaborate on your answers!


1. While away


I stay at home on Saturday to while away the afternoon watching movies.


2. Take up


During winter vacation, she has taken up practicing the violin.


3. Brush up on


It’s been a while since I have been to the swimming pool. As summer is coming, I have to brush up on my swimming skills.


4. Can’t get enough of


I just can’t get enough of cooking! It’s so much fun and I can relieve stress.


5. Have a flair for


I have had a flair for drawing since I was young. I won the first prize in a Hong Kong art contest at the age of 10.


6. Avid


Being an avid skier, he travels to Canada for skiing every year.