The third IELTS topic we are going to introduce is about ‘studies’. Especially for current students, the examiner may be likely to ask you questions about your studies or campus life. Let’s learn a few words today!


1. Knuckle down


The final exam is starting next week but I have not studied anything. I have to knuckle down in order to receive a result of pass.


Besides, knuckle down also means start working hard.


2. Hit the books


Many students hit the books in the library during the exam week as a quiet space can help them focus better.


3. Pass with flying colors


He has been good at studies since he was small. I knew that he will pass the DSE exam with flying colors.


4. Erudite


She is erudite, and so is nominated to be the class monitor by her classmates.


5. Perfecting my skills


Before the listening exam, I will perfect my English skills by listening to the podcast.


6. Cram for sth


Every time I see my brother getting out his Geography notes, I know that he needs to cram for a test soon.