In daily life, whether responding to or agreeing with somebody, we will always use ‘ok’. How about trying to use other expressions instead of ‘ok’?


1. Certainly

Normally used when you are talking to an elder or a supervisor.


e.g., Could you please print me a copy of this document?



2. Why not

A rhetorical question, also a way to express agreement.


e.g., Let’s grab some coffee as we have to pull an all-nighter for studying.

Why not?


3. A-OK

To emphasize there is no problem.


e.g., I got a slight fever last week, but I’m A-OK now.


4. I’d love to

Normally use for responding to an invitation.


e.g., We will have a welcoming party tomorrow night. Would you like to join us?

I’d love to!


5. Sure thing

Reply to someone’s reminder, use in a spoken language.


e.g., Don’t forget to bring a jacket as it is cold outside.

Sure thing.


6. I’m down

Count me in.


e.g., Do you want to try the new restaurant nearby my home?

I’m down.