We hope you are doing well in preparing your DSE English! Sometimes, we will see a topic related to ‘health’ in all paper 1-4, and we may talk about ‘a harm to health’. We have prepared some similar words to ‘harm’ for you to have more precise writing!


1. Jeopardy

In general, we use ‘put someone/something in jeopardy’ to emphasize in danger.


Smoking should be discouraged as it can potentially put your health in jeopardy.


2. Peril


The typhoon signal No.8 is going to be hoisted, to avoid peril, you should find a safe place to stay.


When someone says ‘do something at your peril’, it means that you have to complete something even though there is a risk.


3. Hazard


People should protect the wildlife as sewage or oil pollution is a hazard to the animals.


Besides, you can use the words ‘moral hazard’, for example:

Some conservatives oppose the Gay Games for fear of moral hazard.


4. Detriment


When junk food is consumed too often, it will be a detriment to health.