Most of you see the preposition “against” when reading and writing English passages. Especially when writing argumentative essays, you will often use “against” to express your opposition. However, do you know there are 6 different ways to use it? Figure out the 6 usages to avoid misunderstanding and wrongly using!


1. Opposition


She always speaks against anything she knows to be wrong.


2. Violation


That hotel has a regulation against smoking.


3. Prevention


My bicycle was stolen yesterday. Fortunately, I had already insured it against theft.


We must save money against old age.


4. Opposite/ Lean on


My house is over against the school.


Our family photo hangs against the wall in the living room.


5. Express competitors


Who is our basketball team playing against next week?


6. Comparison


As against last year, our sales increased by more than 32 percent.


7. Set off


Have you ever visited Korea in April? The cherry blossoms there look so beautiful against the blue sky.