Many IELTS Speaking topics, especially in Part 1, ask about your daily life. For example, what activities you like, or do you like your job. In addition to ‘I like…’, what can you say to express your preference?


1. I’m fairly keen on


I’m fairly keen on exercising in the morning these days. I especially enjoy running as I feel refreshed afterwards.


2. I’ve become attached to


After my trip to Paris, I’ve become attached to the comforts of living in the city.


3. I can never resist


I can never resist beautiful accessories. I think I’ve got over 50 pairs of earrings at home!


4. I’m a big fan of


I’m a big fan of Korean drama. I learn Korean by watching dramas without subtitles.


5. I’m into


I’m into online shopping recently. It’s really convenient and I can get better prices online.


6. I acquire a taste for


While I was a university student, I acquired a taste for doing make-up.


7. Sth is appealing to me


Horror movies are always appealing to me as it gives me a thrilling rush.