Whether you are waking up early for school, or doing part-time work during a holiday, we believe many of you will say ‘I’m so tired!’ every day. However, apart from ‘tired’ and ’exhausted’, do you know any synonyms of tired?


1. Jaded


It takes her 2 hours to get home from work every day. Therefore, she is always jaded and falling asleep on the bus.


2. Weary


After staring at the computer for 15 hours, my eyes become weary and bloodshot.


Note: ‘tired’/ ‘exhausted’ refers to physically exhaustion only, whereas ‘jaded’/ ‘weary’ refers to mentally as well as physically tired.


3. Worn out


I am completely worn out after a full-day of revision. I am going to take a nap now and continue studying tomorrow.


4. Burned out


Let’s eat out today. I am burned out from cooking every day.


5. Fatigued


She still looks fatigued after recovering from a severe injury. It is important for you to take good care of her.


6. Drained


He looks completely drained but he is still not going to bed. Apparently, he is staying up for the football match at 3 am.