When you are reading passages, you may often see words that are related to emotions. Yet, have you ever failed to understand the meaning of the words? Even though you have read it again and again, you still don’t understand its meaning. Today let’s talk about 5 words that have the meaning to being ‘angry’!


1. Enrage


The extension plans of the landfill have enraged the residents who are living in this neighborhood.


2. Exasperate


They have been asking him the same question over and over again, and this has him exasperated.


3. Madden


The old man claims himself to be an animal lover and takes in abandoned pets. However, a television station has uncovered the evidence of him being cruel to animals and this has maddened the public.


4. Irk


Mongkok is one of the most crowded places in Hong Kong. The noise nuisance at night has always irked the residents.


5. Infuriate


The serial killer has been caught by the police. However, the way he shows no remorse to the victims has infuriated me.