Speaking of the English word ‘be’, everyone knows that it can be interpreted as ‘is’/’am’/’are’. However, did you know it can be used in front of prepositions? Guess what these phrases mean!


1. Be after


She is after a bag to match the dress she bought last Sunday.


2. Be along


The next bus is expected to be along in 3 minutes.


3. Be down


She has been down since her best friend emigrated to the United States.


4. Be down on


He is always down on his colleagues. Therefore, no one likes him.


5. Be down with


I took a sick leave yesterday because I had the flu.


6. Be in for


The Hong Kong Observatory forecasts that we will be in for a strong typhoon in two hours’ time.


7. Be on to


There is a serious look on her face. I think she is on to something wrong.