During the IELTS writing exam, for example, if we are trying to describe the current trend has remain the same, we can use words such as ‘almost’ and ‘nearly’. If you want more choices of words, you can try using these 7 phrases, such as ‘virtually’. Not only does it have the meaning of not existing in the physical world, it can also be interpreted as ‘almost’!


1. All but


My work is all but finished. Let’s go shopping in an hour!


2. As good as


I’m so glad that the construction is as good as completed. We’re ahead of the original schedule.


3. More or less


The oil prices have more or less remained static in the past few years.


4. Virtually


‘Dinner’ and ‘supper’ are virtually interchangeable.


5. Practically


It’s practically impossible for him to arrive at the airport at 7 am.


6. Stop short of


I stop short of telling her the secret, please remind me to be tight-lipped.


7. Verge on


Her piano performance verges on perfect. Obviously, she is going to get a distinction.