In Hong Kong, the shopping malls and stores are always crowded, which shows how much Hong Kong people like to shop, especially when the store is having a sale! Let’s learn some phrases related to discounts today!


1. Blowout sale


Shall we go to the newly opened boutique tomorrow? It is having a blowout sale this week, and a 50 percent discount on every items!


2. Clearance sale


The store goes out of business next Saturday. Therefore, it is offering customers a clearance sale.


3. Flash sale


Many airlines offer flash sales to increase travel demand in a rough season.


4. Doorbuster

Buster means to destroy something. Doorbuster refers to a door being destroyed, which implies people will make a run for the goods.


The doorbuster of lucky bags is a custom during the Japanese New Year.


5. Buy one get one half price

You must have heard of BOGO (buy one get one free) before. However, do you know what is a buy one get one half price?


The footwear retailer is offering a buy one get one half price. Let’s choose two pairs of running shoes!


6. Markdown


We are offering a 20 percent markdown on selected items.


7. Concession


Students can choose to purchase concession movie tickets with their student cards.