Previously, we have talked about the color idioms for blue and green. So, today we are going to learn some idioms for ‘red’ and ‘white’ today! Do you know the meaning of ‘whitewash’? Let’s scroll down and find out the answer!


1. Red letter day


13th June is a red letter day for me because I won my first dancing contest on that day.


2. Catch sb red-handed


The students were trying to cheat in the exam, but the teacher caught them red-handed.


3. Red herring


The sudden news of these two artists dating is a red herring to divert the public attention from the corruption of a principal official.


4. Whitewash


The songwriter tries to whitewash his behavior of plagiarizing others music.


5. White elephant


To me, this car is a white elephant as I do not have a driving license.


6. White sale


Shall we go to the supermarket for more towels during the white sale?