Head, shoulder, and hands are some of the basic words you learn long time ago. However, do you understand the meaning of ‘out of hand’ instead of ‘hand’?


1. Pay lip service


The committee members pay lip service to benefit the students, but they do not want to do anything to support.


2. Pain in the neck


He is a pain in the neck when he keeps shouting in the library.


3. Out of hand


The concert is getting out of hand. The artist is even attacked by the crazed fans.


4. Bite one’s tongue


I had to bite my tongue to avoid an argument with my brother in the public.


5. Keep one’s chin up/ Keep one’s head up


Keep your chin up! Everything is going to be alright.


6. Put one’s money where one’s mouth is


The philanthropist is genuinely interested in helping underprivileged families, and he always takes action to show he put his money where his mouth is.


7. Carry the weight of the world on one’s shoulders


Don’t keep everything to yourself and carry the weight of the world on your shoulders! I’m always here to share your burden.