‘Because’ is a common word used in our writing, such as when we talk about our reasons. To avoid using ‘because’ too frequently, here are a few synonyms to replace this word.


1. Prompt


The actor’s post on social media has prompted speculation over his future on his acting career.


2. Breed


Conflict of interest is one of the reasons that breeds workplace politics.


3. Contribute to


Heavy drinking can contribute to an increased chance of getting chronic diseases.


4. Give rise to


This strategy is good for economic development but may give rise to the opposition from green groups.


5. Bring about


I believe the new law will bring about a reduction in the demand for plastic bags.


6. Conduce to (usually sth good)


A balanced diet conduces to good health.


7. Bring on (usually sth bad)


Overeating will bring on a stomachache. You should suppress your appetite and avoid eating too much at once.


8. Spell (usually sth bad, such as troubles and disasters)


The new government policy is likely to spell disastrous effects onto small businesses.