When we are describing the speed or time, we can use words like ‘quickly’ and ‘slowly’. However, the passages in the reading exam might not use these two words, instead they will use difficult words to make it harder for students to read. Therefore, in order to understand those passages, we should also learn their synonyms!


Replacing quickly:


1. Expeditiously


As the number of requests from the citizens kept increasing, the government should proceed expeditiously to appease their needs.


2. Hastily


Some think the company should act hastily before the problem get any worse.


3. Swiftly


In view of the unstable situation of the epidemic, the government must react swiftly before further trouble arise.


4. At full tilt


These two countries are committed to reach a settlement at full tilt.


Replacing slowly:


1. Tardily


The entertainment companies always respond tardily to the scandals of its artists.


2. Ploddingly


The Internet connection is extremely poor that television shows are loading ploddingly.


3. At a snail’s pace


Due to the changes in the business environment, we lack confidence in the project. Therefore, we are putting less resources in, and the project is moving at a snail’s pace.