During the IELTS Speaking exam, for example, when the examiner asks you to recommend a book, you cannot get high marks by answering the question with ‘very’ all the time. For example, ‘I believe it is very important to our personal development. It is very meaningful and very easy to read.’ Your examiner will probably frown. Let’s avoid using ‘very’ in emphasizing something every time, learn these words instead to surprise him/her!


1. Utterly


She was utterly contemptuous of him working in the construction industry. However, he proved that it was the correct decision.


2. Vastly


I have a vastly different opinion from you, maybe we should come to a consensus.


3. Exceptionally


Things have gone exceptionally well recently and I feel a little uneasy as I am scared for what might happen later.


4. Immensely


I think this restaurant is immensely overpriced. The service was poor and the food was unappetizing.


5. Profoundly


I am profoundly grateful to you all. Thank you for taking care of me in this year.


6. Tremendously


This cooperation is tremendously important. It determines whether our company can survive during the epidemic.


7. Thoroughly


Although the musical ticket is quite expensive, I thoroughly enjoyed the performance.


8. Downright (usually describe sth bad)


Be careful! This road is downright dangerous as there is an enormous pothole.