In July, we have shared with you three common IELTS topics idioms, including the likes of study, work, and hobbies. Knowing that you might want to learn words about other topics, therefore, we are going to share another three topics with you this month! We will talk about ‘environment’ today. Hope you can use these words if you are asked something about the environment!


1. Biodegradable


To help save our planet, all the store packaging has changed to be biodegradable.


2. Segregate waste


Citizens in Germany have responsibility to segregate waste correctly and throw them into the right bins.


3. Carbon tax


Imposing a carbon tax is classified as an economic incentive to reduce carbon emissions.


4. Wind farm


The benefits of building a wind farm include lowering the probability of acid rain, as well as reducing operating costs.


5. Die out/ Go extinct


The new Canadian research outlines that polar bears may die out by 2100.


6. Poach


Poaching threatens the ecosystems of wild animals, such as zebras and gazelles.


7. Logging


Government should make more effort in dealing with the logging issue.


8. Pesticide


Pesticide not only harms the environment, but also has the potential to pose a threat to our health.