Today, we will talk about 5 more phrasal verbs which will have a different meaning by adding sb or sth! Let us ask you a question, do you remember the difference between ‘take sb in’ and ‘take sth in’? If you cannot remember the difference, review the previous article after reading the article today!


1. Work out

Sb: To understand the behavior of sb

She is a weirdo that I have never been able to work out what she is thinking.


Sth: To calculate

After working out the total cost, I believe we have enough budget to have this strategy implemented.


2. Fill up

Sb: To make sb feel as he/she has eaten enough

The main dish really filled me up. I am afraid I cannot further order a dessert after.


Sth: To become full

The famed singer went to our school to promote his new song. The seats in the hall were all filled up in under 5 minutes.


3. Let off

Sb: Not to punish severely

It was completely unfair that they were let off with just a fine rather than a prison sentence.


Sth: To make a bomb or fireworks explode

During the Lunar New Year, there are always families letting off fireworks.


4. Talk down

Sb: To prevent sb else from speaking (by speaking loudly or without stopping)

He’s so annoying! Whenever I wanted to say something, he just talks me down.


Sth: To belittle

You need to build up your self-confidence! You shouldn’t talk down all your great personal achievements.


5. Turn on

Sb: To attack sb suddenly

The rebels suddenly turned on the village and some villagers were unfortunately killed or injured.


Sth: To start showing a particular quality

She has turned on her personality of being oblivious when I get to know her on a deeper level.