In the past, we shared some idioms that are related to animals, for example, cats, dogs, and pigs. Besides that, there are many phrasal verbs about animals too. They can be used to describe an action or behavior. Let’s learn these English words that are easy to remember!


1. Fish for


Why are you acting oddly today? Are you fishing for compliments?


2. Fish out


She fishes out her house key from the pocket. On the contrary, I must put my key in the wallet to avoid losing it.


3. Horse around


Stop horsing around in the public area! Everybody is looking at you!


4. Beaver away


My head is swimming. I must have been beavering away at this complicated mathematics question for an hour.


5. Squirrel away


He has squirreled away most of his monthly salary since he was 20. Therefore, he has had considerable savings even though he is still very young.


6. Duck out of


Under strict law, nobody can duck out of his and hers responsibility.


7. Rabbit on


Whenever we talk about animated characters, he is always rabbiting on his figure collections.