‘Sick’ means being physically or mentally ill. However, do you know there are many English words with the suffix of ‘sick’, for example when describing feeling unwell on a car or a boat. Before reading the following article, can you guess how we call them in English?


1. Carsick


The bus driver has such poor driving skills, it is causing me to have carsick.


2. Seasick


The sea is rough and the weather is so bad today. I believe we should cancel the boat trip, or else we will all get seasick.


3. Airsick


Whenever I take a plane, I get airsick which causes me to have cold sweats.


4. Brainsick


The man is brainsick. He needs to take pills regularly to prevent his mental disorder.


5. Heartsick


The tsunami has caused damage in a large-scale. They were heartsick over the loss of their home.


6. Lovesick


Stop behaving like a lovesick teenager. Focus on your academics!



Apart from describing illness, ‘sick’ can be interpreted as other meanings, such as ‘that’s sick’ is an American slang which has a meaning of ‘good’ or ‘cool’! For example,


When did you buy this new car? That’s so sick, man!