British people love talking about the weather when they meet someone. In 2017, an interesting study shows that over 90% of British people will talk about the weather once every six hours. So, let’s learn about various kinds of words which can describe the weather, so you can use them when greeting a foreigner next time!


Sunny days


1. Blazing


We have been working under the blazing sun for three hours straight. Let’s go and take a break!


2. Dazzling


The young lady raises her hand above her eyes to shield them from the dazzling sun.


Rainy days


1. Drizzly


I enjoy drizzly weather. Listening to the raindrop while reading books is so relaxing.


2. Lashing


The rain is lashing at the car windows so that drivers must drive carefully and slowly.


Cloudy days


1. Gloomy


The gloomy weather makes me feel tired and I just want to crawl back in bed.


2. Overcast


The sky has been overcast since the morning. I think it’s going to rain very soon.


Snowy days


1. Slushy


The road is covered in slushy snow. Be careful when you are walking.


2. Powdery


Winter sports enthusiasts like powdery snow as it is perfect for skiing and sledding.