In part1 and part3 of IELTS Speaking, they may ask you to compare or contrast between two people/places/opinions, for example, what is the difference between living in the city and live in the countryside? When it comes to these questions, you should use phrases such as same as/ similar to/ different from/ as…as. Yet, how can we enrich our answers?


Method 1: Make good use of synonyms


1. To replace same as/ similar to


-> On a par with

Speaking of abilities and working experience, I believe he is on a par with her.


-> Have a lot in common

The two athletes have a lot in common. They both prefer offense over defense.


2. To replace different from


-> Poles apart

Although we have been best friends for over 10 years, we are poles apart in personality.


Method 2: Make good use of adverbs to emphasize the difference


1. Strikingly different


Living in the countryside is strikingly different from living in the city, especially for the environment.


2. Utterly different


Everything in Bali is utterly different from what I have experienced in my home country.


3. Rather different


It is rather different between their types of fashion styles.


4. Subtly different


The two tests are subtly different, such as the exam format.


Method 3: Make good use of idioms


1. To replace same as/ similar to: In the same league as sb/sth


I don’t have any preference between these two cars. One is in the same league as the other one.


2. To replace different from: Be a far cry from sth


The performance was a far cry from what I had expected. I thought it would be boring, but it was rather amazing!