Most of you may wonder how we should prepare for the IELTS speaking exam. Are you thinking there is no way to get ready well in advance for the exam so you should just sit around and do nothing? Indeed, there are a few common topics in IELTS speaking, for example, we will talk about ‘Work’ today. Keep practicing how to use these phrasal verbs fluently and professionally during the speaking exam!


1. Wrap sth up


We must wrap up the meeting within 30 mins as Helen is leaving soon.


2. Bail sb/sth out


We provide financial support to bail out failing businesses.


3. Tick sth off


To avoid any missing parts in the report, I will write down a to-do list and tick each one off as I finish it.


4. Knock off sth


On every company anniversary, all the employees can knock off early.


5. To be wrapped up in sth/sb


The marketing team is wrapped up in customers’ reviews towards the new products as it is the first time the company launching a new product line.


6. Fling yourself into sth


I have planned to fling myself into this company for at least another five years.