Finally, this is the last article of common IELTS Speaking topics, and we will talk about ‘family’! This topic may appear in part 2 or part 3 of the speaking exam. In part 2, the examiner may ask you about your own family, for instance you may need to describe a family member that you admire the most. Besides, in part 3, you may be asked to talk about some general issues related to family, for example whether the husband and the wife should have different roles in a family. Let’s learn about some useful words related to family together!


1. Upbringing


He behaved very well when he was small. However, he started rebelling against his strict upbringing during adolescence.


2. Sibling rivalry


I had a fragmented and awkward relationship with my sister as we have had a serious sibling rivalry since we were young.


3. Fall out with


My brother ran away from home, after falling out with our parents.


4. Run in the family


It seems to run in the family that we are artistic. My sister is good at drawing and my brother is talented at sculpture designing.


5. Breadwinner


My father is the breadwinner in our family. I am currently studying and my mother is a housewife.


6. Spread out


My family is spread-out all-over Canada. My aunts live in Toronto and some of my distant cousins live in Vancouver.


7. Drift apart


I have not lived with my family since I was 18. We drifted apart as we only meet up once a month.


8. Close-knit


We are a close-knit family. We put each other first and we plan deliberate time together.