We have talked about synonyms of ‘angry’ before, do you remember those five words? This time we would like to share the synonyms of ‘surprised’ with you. We hope this article can help DSE students to have a better understanding of the author’s tone and attitude!


1. Stunned


I was stunned by the announcement of my job promotion this morning. I did not have any expectations at all!


2. Stupendous


When we arrived home, my sister could hardly wait to tell us the stupendous news that she was admitted by Stanford University.


3. Staggered


I am staggered by her rudeness today. She seems to be courteous and well-mannered.


4. Astounded


She is astounded to hear her Brazilian classmate speaks Cantonese fluently and flawlessly.


5. Nonplussed


He said he was not coming today. Therefore, I was completely nonplussed by his sudden appearance.


6. Flabbergasted


I order a bracelet online as it looks cool on the website. However, I am flabbergasted when I receive the actual product. It’s shoddy from the makers!