At the end of each month, the disposable income is almost coming to an end. Do you know anyone who always mentions he’s poor’? Let’s learn 7 related expressions today!


1. Strapped


I would really love to go to staycation with you but I am strapped this month.


2. Short on cash


I am willing to lend you money but I am a bit short on cash.


3. Feel the pinch


Small businesses can feel the pinch from the economic crisis. It is even hard for them to pay rent and salaries to the employees.


4. Shoestring budget


Under the shoestring budget, I believe traveling to Vietnam is the best option.


5. Skint


She always lives to pay back the check as she gets paid at the beginning of a month, and is a skint by the middle of the month.


6. In the red


The business is temporarily in the red as it has put too many resources in purchasing raw materials recently.


7. Financial strain


We used to live on my father’s earnings. Therefore, the fact that he is unemployed has caused financial strain for our family.