Have you ever heard of the idiom, ‘all roads can lead to Rome’? Besides, there are many places that can be turned into idioms, and today we will share 7 examples with you!


1. Talk for England


Although we meet each other very often these days, we can still talk for England whenever we see each other.


2. Go Dutch


Going Dutch is not a norm in Korea. It is very common that the older person pays for the meal.


3. In a New York minute


Let’s wait for George. He said he will be back in a New York minute.


4. Bring owls to Athens


There is a kiosk at the campsite. It will bring owls to Athens if we prepare too many snacks and drinks.


5. Mexican standoff


It seems to be a Mexican standoff as neither the wholesaler nor the retailer can reach an agreement on their desired price.


6. Sell ice to Eskimos


He is the greatest salesperson in our team as FHhe can sell ice to Eskimos.


7. It’s all Greek to me


She tries very hard to explain how the answer is calculated, but it’s all Greek to me.