As of late, there are more foodies (food bloggers) on social media. You may know one of them, or maybe you are one of them! To be a qualified foodie, what English vocabs do you need to know?


1. Voracious


The tiny lady has a voracious appetite as she is known for her eating broadcasts.


2. Glutton


She is eating like a glutton because she breaks up with her boyfriend. I tried to dissuade her but fail.


3. Make a pig of oneself


The family has made pigs of themselves at the buffet dinner.


4. Epicure


He is an epicure who goes to fine dining restaurants every week for delicacies.


5. Exquisite


These dishes are so exquisite! It is my first-time dining in a five-star hotel.


6. Food coma


I am suffering from a food coma as I am stuffed.


7. Eat one’s feelings


The weather today gets me down. I have to eat my feelings with some cakes.