When expressing gratitude to others, the words ‘thank you’ may not be enough to help you show how sincere you are. Try the following 7 ways of expression and learn to always say ‘thank you’ to others!


1. Thanks a bunch


Thanks a bunch. I’ve felt much better after talking to you.


2. I can’t thank you enough


I really wanted this for a long time and you gave it to me on my birthday. I can’t thank you enough!


3. I owe you big time


Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule. I owe you big time.


4. You shouldn’t have


A: Hey Jim, I’ve brought you some pineapple cakes from Taiwan.

B: Oh, you shouldn’t have!


5. You’re a lifesaver


Without you, I guess I would have to work until midnight. You’re a lifesaver!


6. Your generosity overwhelms me


She helped me a lot on the exam revision without expecting anything in return. Her generosity overwhelms me.


7. My appreciation is beyond expression.


Thank you for your kind assistance. My appreciation is beyond expression.