In the IELTS Speaking exam, especially the questions in part 1 and part 3, they will ask you questions such as ‘do you prefer to buy clothes in shops or online?’. You can choose either option to answer it. Still, if candidates want to enrich their answer, they may say ‘it depends …’. To show that you know more than ‘it depends’, you can try to say…


1. I’m in two minds


I’m in two minds about school uniforms. On one hand, students can focus on their studies rather than their clothes, yet it may deprive students of their freedom of self-expression.


2. I’m on the fence


I’m sitting on the fence. I believe this action has many advantages and disadvantages.


3. Contingent on


I like water sports like surf kayaking. However, I do not go often, contingent on the weather.


4. Hinge on


I believe a good living environment hinges on its safety, accessibility, and the number of stores nearby.


5. Be conditional on


In my opinion, children should participate in extracurricular activities, be conditional on the parents’ financial state to support their equipment and lessons.


6. Be predicated on


Whether you should trust the information on the Internet is predicated on the credibility of the websites, and those who have access to edit information.