In the IELTS test, describing words in various ways is significant, such as the word ‘small, there are indeed other synonyms. Some can be specially used to describe the small space, whereas some are about small changes. Let’s learn more synonyms for adjectives together!


1. Minute (extremely small)


Only a minute amount of salt is needed. It’s for making it taste more appealing.


2. Minuscule (extremely small)


Although it is a micro movie, I cannot believe it was shot in a minuscule amount of time, like 2 days.


3. Miniature (very small)


When I was small, I enjoyed playing with my dollhouse. The furniture is all in miniature size and that is so cute. I had a lot of fun playing with it.


4. Imperceptible (unable to notice)


She did not answer but with an imperceptible nod. I’m not sure whether she agrees or not.


5. Compact (with little space)


This bag looks compact but you can actually put many things inside it.


6. Cramped (with little space)


The room is already cramped up and you are putting more things in. Are you sure you will have enough space to walk inside the room?