Prepositions can be used with verbs, nouns, and adjectives, such as insist on/ advantage over/ good at. In addition, they can also be placed at the beginning of a phrase. Today, we prepared some phrases that are easy to memorize, so you can use them in the IELTS exam!




1. At no time


She is the most punctual person I have ever met. At no time would she be late for work.


2. At a loss


I was at a loss when she told me to present instead of her. I have absolutely no idea about the project.


3. At the cost of sth


I finished my assignment today at the cost of eating nothing for the whole day.




1. In no time


I have not eaten since morning, therefore, I was gulping down and finished off two bowls of noodles in no time.


2. In turn


When we were in secondary school, we had to be the student on duty in turn.


3. In the honour of


An opening ceremony is going to take place on the coming Saturday, in the honour of the Olympics opening.


4. In the course of


In the course of cheerleading practice, I have understood the importance of teamwork.